Hello my dear Reader!

Ever since I was a little girl I always thought I would take over the world and dedicate my life to helping others and to writing so others could see the world through my eyes. Children can sound cheesy. But it’s that innocence from those times that I would like to go back to. Since I lived in a country where no one is open to the world I used to tell my mom that I would go to the best Art university in the city and become an actress or journalist and that was my plan to begin making those dreams come true. I had a plan and I was so sure of it. Then, my family moved us to a different country when I was in the difficult teens. My entire world changed and with that who I was too, and who I thought I was going to be. I did not know the language nor I had any friends to talk to. I developed a lack of self-stem  and I lost vision of my dreams. More specifically, at some point I did not know if I had any dreams or ambitions. The first few months were a nightmare and I still remember going to the restroom in school to cry. I had secret places everywhere where I would go and be my dramatic self. Well at the time it felt pretty painful to deal with so many changes. I went from being an active girl who was involved in every extra curricular activity and was the pack leader to simply being a ghost . I changed. I learned the language pretty quickly and made friends after a while, I can say I made friends that nowadays are family and I will talk about them in details. However, I will not disclose their names to protect their privacy. 

I understand my mother decided to pack up and go because she wanted a brighter future for my sister and I. She wanted for us to have the opportunity to discover the world and have experiences like any other human being should be given the chance to. As a stubborn child I did not see it like that. I thought she had broken my plan, she had taken me away from a perfectly happy life. It is true what people say. Teenagers can be selfish. It takes growing up to realize that my mother had our best interest at heart. She left her comfortable life to come into the unknown. She worked day and night and put herself through great adversities so we can have the chance to really have a plan. Looking at it from my perspective now, we human beings lack kindness. We never for a second put ourselves in other people’s shoes, we are selfish little shits. If we for a second took a moment to think why immigrants put themselves through all unthinkable horrors and adversities , then maybe we would leave some space to show them more kindness and understanding. On the other side, everyone immigrating makes sacrifices for others they love, which shows me that not everything is lost, that my faith in humanity is not all broken. We are not all completely selfishly built. There is a part in us that still loves and endures pain and suffering for the well being of others. That’s how I believe we should all comprehend it. Take a second to put yourself inside the story of an immigrant. 

I wanted to take this space to write about my life experiences and the perspective of the world I have because of these. Maybe that will change your view of your world to a more optimistic one. 7535B4BF-5A75-4857-AB1D-02F81C3FF88F Paris 2015

I want you to see the world through me . I don’t want you to agree with me, I want  you to see how these moments in my life have shaped me into the person I am. A teacher once told me never to believe what the author is saying. Create your own conclusion from the story you were told. My goal is for you as the reader to do that. I am not necessarily proud of myself yet, I still have a lot to do, like really  have a plan for instance. But, I do have a few things to tell. I will tell you about the things I have seen and learned, I will jump in time. I love to travel and experience new cultures. Believe me when I say that after I started traveling I have matured, I have become passionate about the world and those who live in it. I am more compassionate and humble for it. I definitely recommend those who have the possibility to open themselves to the world to just go and do it. This space is not meant to be fancy writing and intellectual, it’s just the mind of a simple girl who needs to speak now. I hope you can relate. I hope I can help you somehow and bring one positive into your life that you can pay it forward later. 75D2A88E-6702-4F0B-9BE3-B344E22024EA

Seville 2018

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