I’m still learning said Michaelangelo

Today has been raining. It has been a day where I have found myself drinking coffee nonstop and reading tons of articles. These past few days I could not bring myself to write a single word. Shoot! I thought I had lost my inspiration, and so quickly. I had just started this blog thing. Maybe I have just been too hormonal. By the way, I tend to blame my hormones for everything. Well, I also have been told I tend to get off focus very easily as you can see. Let me get back to it. As I was saying, I thought I had a million topics to talk about, like the latest places I have travelled to or other happy memories, but nothing was coming together. I kept telling myself that people do  not want to hear more about serious things and that I wanted to make my blog a place where the reader can find a moment to unwind and get away from the routine most of us endure on a daily basis. But a chain of small, but meaningful events in my life caused me to realize that, today I don’t want to write about happy memories. I would be a hypocrite if I made this space all about those themes without taking a moment to also portray what I don’t believe to be beautiful. Even though I am no one of great importance to the world or almost no one other than those close to me will read this, I feel the need to put it out there.

There are so many devastating events occurring in this world that how can we not take time to learn about it. Young adults nowadays don’t take time to read anymore. Individuals have lost the interest in educative reading. They have forgotten how reading feeds our souls. I honestly do not know if most of my generation takes an interest in knowing about our history, where we come from, how we have gotten to be us, how we were before, and how does all of that can shape our future, our evolution. Most do not take an interest in all that is impregnated in books that hold magical literature. The age of technology has been great in bringing discoveries in science and more, but it has also affected us a great deal. Think about it, we spend a high percentage of our day looking at social media and sometimes wishing the lives of others because they look so desirable when we see the photos and stories. We waste precious time looking at these people that we don’t know and we forget to focus our energy in living our own lives. We waste so much time being other people very much unlike the ones we truly are. It gets sometimes to the point where we don’t know if we ever knew who we were. Please don’t get me wrong, I think greatly of these forms of communication as they keep me updated and in tune with the world out there, it has opened me up to want to discover and adventure out more, and has pushed me to live more of the time I have been given by looking at how others are so motivated to not waste a second. It has taught me that I can do it too. Also, I believe it is a way to support the work of others in a way that it is easy to reach. However, we forget sometimes the fact that life isn’t like the fairy tales we portrait in social media, a lot of it is marketing, it is business. Support it and use it to your advantage, but do not be blinded by it and do not forget that as simple as it may sound, we all have problems. Do not let technology affect you in a negative aspect, that is the advise I give myself. I still feel the importance of losing myself in a book that talks about human emotion in such deep levels that it makes me crave those grand sentiments, and at the same time opens my curiosity in such a way that I desire to understand more of how are we designed, how can we experience such intense and complex feelings at one given moment.

Dear reader, do not lose sight of the imperativeness of knowledge. Ignorance is such a sad word in my eyes, we certainly do not need to add more of it to our world. That gives the powerful room to attack us. Dirty governments and corrupt politicians take advantage of those who have little knowledge and have weaker minds to become more powerful and destroy our home a bit more every day. Without awareness, facts, information, we are giving them the power to take over our futures and  the future of those who are meant to live in it after us. By not knowing we are feeding them, we are allowing them to destroy our history and what we were supposed to learn from it.

Take for example the fire that occurred last night in Rio de Janeiro. The National Museum is now in ashes and with it great part of our history has been destroyed forever. The palace housed incredible pieces of indigenous artifacts as well as Latin America’s leading collection of Egyptian mommies and Roman frescoes from the extinct city of Pompeii. Amongst the treasures lost was the Luzia, a skeleton of the oldest human remains in the Americas. This fire wiped years and years of research that all types of scientists dedicated to uncovering our past so we can better understand our future. Their passion and dreams gone with it. Over 90 employees without a job in which families depended on. A mourning day for all of us. You might think it is not that relevant, but you read about it more and see with your own eyes all the things that we lost during that horrific fire. What saddens me even more is that the government knew about it. They had been cutting the funds that kept the museum on its feet, leaving it to decay. They knew massive destruction could happen, yet they did nothing about it. They had the power to save a piece of us and took no part in it. To the contrary, to them is now over 531,000 extra reales to add to their own dirty pockets. Yes, that’s the misery they were giving the museum for maintenance a year, which equals to only about 150,000 dollars. A disrespect to themselves, but they are ignorant. They care to know little of where they come from, of their history, they have spent their lives feeding their souls with greed and thirst for power. Their vanity has no boundaries; their life work consists in making their power intensify. The fact that some of us are responsible in giving some of these despicable individuals more power is what upsets me tremendously.


I know I have spoken about many different issues in this post, but my point is that the world is crying for us to read more, to educate ourselves more, to feed ourselves with information so that we can begin to be an asset to it. That is the first step. It is a way to protect ourselves and to become more useful. In the age of communication and technology we have only our own selves to blame for being ignorant. I have decided to write about it because even though people do not want to read about depressing subjects and it might not help me gain any more followers, I have learned that my purpose should not be to have more people follow me or become popular, but to use my mind for something I believe to be resourceful, to supply you with a little bit of my knowledge and to leave you with the desire to know much more than me; to seek out for yourselves all of that we should know because it is our responsibility to care. Let’s change the concept that others have created of us millennials and turn it into a generation that uses their tools in service of a better place to grow old in. Let’s keep making our home a more educated one so we can become more inclusive, powerful and kind world citizens.img_3131

2 thoughts on “I’m still learning said Michaelangelo

  1. When we educate ourselves we learned to respect each other’s beliefs even when they are opposite to our own. We learn to live through each others experiences and learn compassion towards each other.

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  2. Lack of education is the biggest problem of this world. Poverty is both, the cause and the consequence and it is an exponential growing problem. As you brilliantly mention in your post, there is another phenomenon that contributes tremendously and it is the mass communication media, now empowered by the technology era. They are mostly suited for selling, not for informing and that creates in the people the needs for more -unnecessary- things, the longing for being popular instead of loved and ultimately deviates us of what makes us human, which is the capacity to think and therefore create.


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